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Certified Prevention Professional (CPP)

TARP, Inc. provides credentialing services through classroom instruction (in Manhattan and Long Island) and online through a distance learning (online) curriculum to become a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) in New York. The program to become a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) is 250 hours.

NOTE: As of May 14, 2015, distance learning courses to become a CPP are only for individuals already in the process of completing their CPP course with TARP via distance learning. The only exception requires written approval from the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Credentialing Unit. TARP, Inc. continues to offer CPP and CPS curriculums through classroom instruction.

Distance Learning Courses include all of the instructions needed for completion. Materials are sent via e-mail, US Postal Service, or fax within 24 hours of payment clearance by PayPal.

Pricing: Our Distance Learning Courses are priced at ten dollars per clock hour. As a result, a course worth three clock hours costs thirty dollars. You can purchase individual courses or an entire curriculum.

Contact us with any questions or for suggestions and recommendations tailored to your course of study.

How to Order: Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, or checking account via PayPal, world leader in secure online payments. New York State and Local Sales Tax (8.75%) is added to each order, as required by law.

Each course listed below is followed by a PayPal "Add to Cart" button. Click once to add a course to your PayPal shopping cart. Click one of the "View Cart" buttons to see the contents of your shopping cart.

Courses can be added or removed from your shopping cart, as you choose. To add additional courses, use PayPal's link to "Continue Shopping."

Before you checkout via PayPal, you may add notes to your order in a message box labeled, "Notes (Optional)..." Notes might include questions, comments, or additional contact information.

Refund Policy: The basis for our refund policy includes consideration of our administrative costs for processing orders. Our refund policy for Distance Learning Courses is as follows:

If a refund is requested within 48 hours of making payment for coursework, a 90% refund will be provided. If requested within 7 days, a 75% refund will be provided. If requested within 14 days, a 50% refund will be provided. If requested within 21 days, a 25% refund will be provided. No other refunds are provided. Refunds apply to products only; refunds do not apply to NYS tax. Please contact us whenever you have any questions or need assistance.

CPP - Certified Prevention Professional - 250 Hour Curriculum:

Click the "Buy Now" button to purchase the entire curriculum for Certified Prevention Professional:

Or, click any of the "Add to Cart" buttons below to purchase an individual course. Click the "View Cart" button to see the contents of your PayPal shopping cart.

SECTION I - Knowledge of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse at All Age Levels and Among People of Diverse Backgrounds and Cultures (minimum 85 Clock Hours)

1.1) An Overview of the Twelve Steps and Mutual Aid Groups (3 hours)

1.2) An Overview of Counseling the MICA Client (3 hours)

1.3) Working with the African American Client in Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment (12 hours)

1.4) Working with the Latino Client in Alcohol Other Drug Counseling (12 hours)

1.5) Counseling Therapies and Techniques (14 hours)

1.6) Definition and Description of Various Treatment Modalities (16 hours)

1.7) Problem Gambling Knowledge and Education (10 hours)

1.8) AOD Prevention Counseling for the Criminal Justice Client (16 hours)

SECTION II - Prevention Specific and Related to the Five Performance Domains (Areas of Professional Expertise) (minimum 60 Clock Hours)

2.1) AOD Prevention Counseling for the Criminal Justice Client (12 hours)

2.2) Community Organization and Activism to Prevent AOD Abuse (25 hours)

2.3) Evaluation and Planning to Promote Safe and Drug Free Schools (25 hours)

SECTION III - Professional Development and Ethical Responsibilities (minimum 45 Clock Hours, including a Minimum of 12 Clock Hours Focused on Individual and Program Ethics

3.1) Addiction Counselors Ethics (7 hours - REQUIRED)

3.2) Detailed Review, Discussion and Explanation of the Prevention Practitioners (CPP/CPS) Canon of Ethical Principles (8 hours - REQUIRED)

3.3) Confidentiality in the AOD Treatment Setting (14 hours)

3.4) Counselor Wellness (14 hours)

3.5) Overview of Counselor and Client Relationships (3 hours)

SECTION IV - Prevention Principles and Practicies and the Services Continuum (minimum 60 Clock Hours)

4.1) Addiction: A Family Disease - Counseling for the Significant Other (12 hours)

4.2) Group Counseling for AOD Counseling Theories and Techniques (21 hours)

4.3) Relapse and Relapse Prevention (20 hours)

4.4) Therapeutic Communication (16 hours)

Contact Us for more about credentialing courses to become a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP).

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